Telemetry data

Telemetry data include general information about a device and are used to view device diagnostics information. We recommend only making the telemetry data call when you need to view the telemetry data, and not on a regular basis.

To get the telemetry data of a device, use the GET /devices/{imei}/telemetry call.

    curl --request GET{imei}/telemetry
    --header 'Content-Type: application/json'
    --header 'Authorization: Bearer {token}'
Parameter Description Example
imei The IMEI of the device. The IMEI number can be found on a sticker on the device itself or on the back of the device box. 357660101000198

The returned response contains telemetry data for the device:

  "data": {
    "firmwareVersion": "3.9.53",
    "deviceModel": "AI-12",
    "lastSeenOnline": "2020-01-01T14:48:00.000Z",
    "simNetworkType": "4G",
    "simOperator": "Twilio",
    "simState": "ready",
    "calibrationCompleted": true,
    "sdCardInserted": true,
    "sdCardCapacityBytes": 127817449472,
    "sdCardFreeBytes": 46724284416,
    "adasCalibrationReady": true,
    "adasCalibrationCompleted": true
Parameter Description Example
firmwareVersion The current firmware version of the device. Surfsight automatically updates the firmware version of the device over the air (OTA). 3.9.53
deviceModel The model name of the device. AI-12
lastSeenOnline The most recent time, in ISO 8601 format, that the device connected to the server. 2020-01-01T14:48:00.000Z
simNetworkType The network type of the device SIM card. 4G
simOperator The mobile operator of the device SIM card. Twilio
simState The state of the device SIM card. Options include: ready, absent, unknown, PIN required, and PUR required. ready
calibrationCompleted Whether accelerometer calibration is completed or not. true
sdCardInserted Whether the SD card of the device is inserted or not. Sometimes malfunctioning SD cards show that the SD card is not inserted. true
sdCardCapacityBytes The total space on the SD card, in bytes. 127817449472
sdCardFreeBytes The free space left on the SD card, in bytes. Once the SD card is full, it replaces the oldest files with new files. 46724284416
adasCalibrationReady Whether images are available for road-facing ADAS calibration or not. true
adasCalibrationCompleted Whether road-facing ADAS calibration is completed or not. true