Organization settings

Organization administrators can configure default settings for an entire organization. The settings only need to be applied once and all current and future devices that are part of the organization receive them. Any changes to these settings in the future will affect all the devices in the organization. Configuring settings at the organization level saves time for the administrator.

You can configure the following settings at the organization level:

  • Device settings - configure device settings with the POST /organizations/{orgId}/device-settings call.
  • Event settings - configure event settings with the POST /organizations/{orgId}/event-settings call.
  • Webhook settings - add up to three URL addresses for GPS webhooks and up to three URL addresses for event webhooks with the POST /organizations/{orgId}/webhook-settings call.
  • Purge days and retention times - configure the amount of time data are retained in the cloud and on the SD card with the PATCH /organizations/{orgId} call.

View all the organization settings with the GET /organizations/{orgId}/default-settings call.

You can configure these at the organization level even if the organization includes devices from multiple partners.