Issue/question Possible cause Suggested solution/explanation
When I make the GET /devices/{imei}/events call I see there is an event, but when I try to download that event with the GET /devices/{imei}/event-file-link call, the media file is not available. It's possible that when the event was triggered, the device did not have a good connection to the cloud, and the event media was not uploaded. You can try to get a recording of the event using the timestamp of the event. See the Stream and donwload device recordings guide for more details.
My media file link isn't working. The media file link expired. The link from the GET /devices/{imei}/event-file-link call expires after a few minutes. Generate a new link.
The recording I want is not uploading. The recording file is too big. When using data to upload recordings, try to upload recordings that are two minutes or less. If a longer recording file is desired, try to upload it using WiFi.
I tried to create a virtual event but it didn't work. Sometimes a virtual event can't be created because there are no recordings to make the event from. If you only use the first two parameters in the POST /devices/{imei}/virtual-event call, you won't receive an error that no recordings were found even if there are no recordings and the virutal event can't be created. If you use all the parameters, a 404 not found error: NoRecordingAvailableError is returned. You can always check recordings availability before creating the virtual, with the GET /devices/{imei}/recording-ranges call.
I'm missing some GPS samples from a trip. The device connection may have been temporarily lost, for example when the vehicle went through a tunnel. The device should save any GPS data locally until the connection is reestablished and then upload the data. But sometimes the device loses power before the connection is reestablished, and then the data is lost. Try to avoid turning off the device until after the connection is reestablished.
I'm missing some GPS samples from my webhook data. If the customer server goes down, any webhook data sent during that time is lost. You can retreive the missing data from the GET 'devices/{imei}/gps call.
The live video stream isn't working, but the device is online. The device has a bad connection or you are using webRTC to stream, and it's blocked by a firewall. Try streaming with HLS. If that works, you need to open a port for webRTC streaming. It's also possible that the device has bad connectivity. In that case, try again in a few minutes. If live video streaming is still not working, there's a chance that our media server is having a temporary problem. You can open a ticket if it doesn;t resolve quickly.
The live video stream isn't working, and I'm receiving a 404 - Not Found error. The initial connection can time out. Implement a retry mechanism.
I generated multiple virtual events and they all have the same media file. The virtual events were generated with the same timestamp. When multiple virtual events have the same timestamp, to the second, the media file from the last request is used for all of them. If multiple events share a media file and one of those events is deleted, the other events still have the media file.

To have different media files for each virtual event, use timestamps that differ by at least one second.