Alarm Reports

The Alarms Report shows if a camera is not working properly. Alarms that are related to each other are handled according to severity. This decreases the number of alarms you receive in the report for related issues, enabling you to focus on the most severe issues at hand.

For example, if there is no SD card inserted in a device, two alarms could be raised: SD card not mounted, and recording failed two times in the last 24 hours. Instead, only the SD card not mounted alarm is raised, since it is the most severe.

Alarms are saved in the cloud for 45 days, unless automatically deleted as described below.

The following alarms, listed according to hierarchy, can appear for a device:

Alarm Alarm ID Alarm severity What is happening Recommendation
Hardware failure: unable to start camera imager and record video
Available in the AI-12 dashcam only
141 Fatal Unable to start the camera sensor and record video. Contact the partner reseller support to return the unit.
SD Card is not mounted, the device is not recording video 133 Fatal The SD card isn't mounted or isn't recognized and therefore the device isn't recording video. Reboot the device ; if the SD card still isn't recognized, try formatting the SD card or replacing it.
Recording failure two times in the last 24 hours 143 Error The SD card isn't behaving as expected and recordings may not be written properly to the SD card. Monitor this unit for accurate recordings; the SD card may need to be replaced. Contact your partner reseller support agent for detailed support.

Rebooting the device or changing the SD card does not close alarms for that device. To close alarms, a reseller partner must do so manually in the Partner Portal, or through the POST /alarms/{alarmId}/actions API call. For more information, see Add action

Alarms are closed automatically under the following circumstances:

  • Alarms for hardware failure (141) and recording failure (143) are automatically closed after one day.
  • New alarms with a higher hierarchy, as listed in the table above, close alarms with a lower hierarchy automatically.
  • Deletion of a device or organization closes alarms associated with that device or organization.
  • Following a change of the SD card, if recordings are found, the alarm for SD card not mounted (133) is closed automatically.