Billing status

There are four billing status options, which relate to device functionality and billing. The four billing statuses are:

  • active - the dashcam is activated and being billed.
  • deactivated - the dashcam is not activated and not being billed.
  • suspended - the dashcam is not activated and not being billed. A monthly suspension fee applies. Contact your partner success manager for details.
  • pending activation - the dashcam has been ordered but not yet activated and is not being billed.

Partners can set billing status to deactivated, suspended, or pending activation as detailed below in Billing and device status
Dashcams can be activated through the steps detailed below in Dashcam activation.

Billing and device status

The device status of a dashcam corresponds to its billing status as follows:

Billing status Device Status Status features
Active Active Billing at full subscription rate*.
Device is assigned to an organization and connected to the cloud.
Device is fully functional
Can change to suspended or deactivated.
Deactivated Locked No monthly billing.
Reactivation fee applies*.
Suspended Locked Billing monthly suspension fee*
No reactivation fee.
Can change to pending activation or deactivated.
Pending activation Inactive Ready for first time activation or ready to come out of suspended or deactivated status.
Changes to active when assigned to an organization, powered, and connected to the cloud. For more information see Dashcam activation.

*see your agreement for rate information

Set and retrieve billing status

Users with partner level permission can set devices' billing status with the API calls PUT /devices/{imei}/billing-status/{billingStatus} for individual devices, and PUT /devices/billing-status/{billingStatus}for devices in bulk.

To retrieve billing status information for individual devices or devices in an organization use the new API calls GET /devices/{imei}/billing-status or GET /organizations/{orgId}/devices/billing-status, respectively.

See the API reference guide for full details about endpoints, parameters, and more.

Partners can subscribe to the system message webhook, deviceBillingStatus, for notification of billing status changes for each device. For more information see Webhhooks.

Dashcam activation

Dashcams must be activated to function. Once they are activated, billing begins and features such as event recordings and distracted driving events are available.

Dashcams are activated through the following steps:

  1. The dashcam has the billings status pending activation.
  2. Your reseller partner has added the dashcam to an organization.
  3. The dashcam is turned on, and through data or Wi-Fi connects to the Surfsight cloud.

:::Info Notes

For AI-14 dashcams, the dashcam is turned on again after being added to the organization.



  1. Q: What if I suspended a device by mistake?

    • A: You can reactivate it and add it back to the organization, no data is lost.
  2. Q: What if I deactivated a device by mistake?

    • A: You can reactivate it and add it back to the organization, no data is lost. A reactivation fee will apply.
  3. Q: What if I did bulk change to a certain status and some of the devices were already in that status?

    • A: Only devices with a different status will be changed to the new status. You can see the affected devices on the audit log.
  4. Q: How will I know if the billing changes were applied?

    • A: For single IMEI request, you will get a success response. For bulk level changes, you may enable the deviceBillingStatus system message webhook notification.