Call structure

Your call to the Surfsight API should appear similar to:

curl --request {httpMethod} 'https://{baseUrl}/{apiVersion}/{apiEndpoint}?{queryString}'
--header 'Authorization: Bearer {token}'

Environments of the base URL:

  • North America:
  • Europe:

Authentication tokens only work for the environment to which you are registered. For example, a user registered to the US cloud receives tokens for that cloud, and not the EU cloud.

The API call includes the following components:

Code Style Description Example Type
httpMethod REST API HTTP standards GET,PUT, POST, DELETE method
baseUrl Surfsight base URL url
apiVersion The version of the Surfsight API in the request v2 url
apiEndpoint API URL path /devices/{imei}/events url
queryString Optional filters for API requests gps?start=2021-10-22T01:00:00.000Z&end=2021-10-22T20:59:59.999Z request line
token JWT authentication token 23mRzvuTKPc... header