DNS, port, and firewall settings

This article lists the DNS, port, and firewall settings for internet connectivity and live video streaming.

Internet connectivity settings

For internet connectivity, do the following:

  1. Open bi-directional traffic (including DNS) for the servers.
  2. Verify that the firewall is not blocking HDP over HTTPS and that outgoing traffic to UDP ports 3478 and 3479 are open.

Stream live video settings

In some cases, a firewall may block live streaming of video from vehicles. In such cases, adjust the firewall configuration to allow incoming network traffic as outlined in the table below.

For live video streaming, the generic URL is:

  • for the US: prodmedia-us-{XX}.surfsolutions.com
  • for the EU: prodmedia{X}.surfsolutions.com
Item Settings
Add these servers to allow incoming traffic For the US:
  • prodmedia-us-01.surfsolutions.com
  • prodmedia-us-02.surfsolutions.com
  • prodmedia-us-03.surfsolutions.com
  • prodmedia-us-04.surfsolutions.com
  • prodmedia-us-05.surfsolutions.com
  • prodmedia-us-06.surfsolutions.com
  • prodmedia-us-07.surfsolutions.com
  • prodmedia-us-08.surfsolutions.com
  • prodmedia-us-09.surfsolutions.com

For the EU:
  • prodmedia1.surfsolutions.com
  • prodmedia2.surfsolutions.com
Allow connections from these URLs